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Mr. Lawrence has 20+ years of experience with large and small law firms and as an in-house general counsel for two different companies.  He focuses his practice in the areas of securities, representing individuals and companies in compliance with the registration and reporting provisions of state and federal securities laws, representing buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisition transactions and in general corporate matters...


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Part-Time General Counsel

Many small to mid-size emerging companies face a dilemma when it comes to legal services.  They cannot afford to hire an experienced, full time in-house counsel and fees from experienced lawyers at law firms are extremely expensive.  As a result, the company’s management spends their valuable time on legal matters and becomes the de facto general counsel.  This approach not only robs the company of management’s time, often during critical times, but also prevents the company from receiving the advice needed for the success of their company.

Mr. Lawrence, as an experienced Utah business attorney has an alternative.  After practicing law for over 20+ years with large and small firms, as  in-house general counsel for businesses and as the CEO of a company, I have learned that I can provide better results for my clients when I am able to work with them over a period of time and learn their business, challenges, hopes and expectations.  Serving as part-time general counsel, I become an integral part of the management team and work to provide proactive informed advice for the on-going business needs based upon an intimate understanding of the company’s business, customers, employees and operations that can only come from continued regular contact with management of the company.

Under a consulting or part-time employment arrangement, I join the company’s management team with a program tailored to its needs and budget.  The “typical” arrangement would provide for me to spend one to three days a week on site and be available by telephone, e-mail and fax at other times.  I spend the rest of the week providing similar services to other clients.  Most clients treat me as an independent contractor.  My fee is modest compared to fees normally charged by a law firm lawyer with similar experience.  The company receives the benefit of an experienced senior lawyer without having to increase its employee head count.

Under this “independent” or part-time general counsel arrangement, I can provide all of the services normally provided by inside counsel while continuing the company’s relationship with outside firms for esoteric and litigation matters.  I can provide experienced “hallway” advice and avoid legal problems later because I am at the company on a regular basis.  Clients also benefit by being able to “walk in the door” and receive pro-active advice on a current time basis.

When specialized legal issues arise, I can assist my clients in finding outside counsel and manage the matter to obtain the desired result.  My role can be structured in many ways.  The basic concept is to provide companies with the advantages of having a senior experienced attorney available to meet the business needs of the client without having to pay a full-time salary or law firm rates.

I have 20+ years of experience working in various situations with management to assist them in reaching their goals.  I understand and have the entrepreneurial zeal and can provide my clients with sound business judgment.

If you have part-time general counsel service questions, call or e-mail Mr. Lawrence.