Frequently Asked Questions

About the Firm
How long have you been in business?

Marc Fitapelli and Jonathan Kurta have been practicing law for ten years each. The two met in law school and have operated Fitapelli Kurta since 2013.

Do you work in my jurisdiction?

We have a nationwide practice, which generally only involves federal court practice or FINRA arbitrations. In some jurisdictions we associate with local counsel.

Are your attorneys in good standing with the bar?

Yes. Neither Marc Fitapelli nor Jonathan Kurta has ever had any formal disciplinary issues. Prospective clients can verify this online through the New York State Unified Court System.

Contacting us
What information do you need when I contact your office?

We will need as much information about your problem as you have. This includes, at minimum, the dates and amounts of the investment as well as the name of the individual or company that solicited it. Do not worry if you are missing paperwork, we can help you piece together the pieces.

How long will it take for an attorney to contact me?

It is a point of pride for us that we are very accessible to both existing and prospective clients. You can expect a return call either the same day you contact us or within twenty-four hours of your initial contact.

Will my intake call be confidential?


Retaining us
How much is your retainer?

$0. Our firm works strictly on contingency, which means that we do not earn any fees unless we are able to collect money on a client’s behalf. Our fee is a percentage of our client’s recovery.

Does your firm advance expenses, such as filing and expert witness fees?

Yes. If we retain you as a client we will pay 100% of the expenses for your case. There is nothing out of pocket.