Spotlight Innovation Investors: The Securities Attorneys of Fitapelli Kurta Want to Hear from You

The securities attorneys of Fitapelli Kurta are interested in hearing from investors in Spotlight Innovation.What is Spotlight Innovation? Spotlight Innovation, based in Urbandale, Iowa, is a company focused on identifying and acquiring the rights to proprietary technologies designed to address medical needs that were being unmet, “with an emphasis on rare, emerging, and neglected diseases.” Spotlight Innovation founded Caretta Therapeutics, LLC in August 2016. Its goal was to develop analgesic pain relief products. Many customers posted positive reviews of the product on, although the product is not currently still available. Spotlight Innovation initially developed the pain reliever with an eye towards preventing future opioid addiction, since the product contains no opioids. Spotlight Innovation has also partnered with a world-renowned scientist in Boston focused on curing spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the leading genetic cause of death in infants.

Spotlight Innovation

Fitapelli Kurta is interested in speaking with investors who were solicited to invest in Spotlight Innovation by a broker named John Krohn (CRD#: 2722975), Mr. Krohn worked for a securities firm named Principal Securities, Inc., and was sanctioned and suspended by FINRA for “selling away” shares of Spotlight Innovation to his clients. According to his  BrokerCheck record accessed on January 15, 2020, John Krohn is also the subject of at least once customer complaint related to his sale of shares in Spotlight Innovation.

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